Turning Energy Into Staleness



(....) I can't deny that The UNDERTONES have produced two classic popunk singles. Both 'Teenage Kicks' and 'Get Over you' managed to capture a terrific raw feel that seems to be missing from most similar rock outfits. Howerver, onstage the band tend to lose themselves beneath a mass of cliched sub Ramones licks.

I'm positive that they are in possession of a few more foot tapping hit singles it's just that the lack of variation that is apparent during the live act seems to ruin the overall effect. It turns energy into staleness. The music chokes under its own dogmatic three chord blam blam.

This is a great shame because we know that The Undertones can write nifty little pop songs and must be more than capable of introducing a slightly more melodic side of their music. So why don't they? Are they afraid losing their large post-punk following? They may be the proud owner of a fine and succcessful singles formula but as far as live gigs and albums are concerned, they will be just another danceable New Wave band who are loocked inside the trappings of teenage frustration. (Mick Middles)