...moi puis Aaron, Jamie, Tony, Henry, Derek, (mon pote 'punk rocker' de Dublin) Luke , et Andy...

...Tony puis moi, Cactus et Wayne...

...Boni, moi et et Wéro...

... avec mon pote Sean.



Top 5: Teenage Kicks - Wednesday Week - You've got my number - You're welcome - Here comes the summer
The Undertones are a passion for me ever since 1980. I was a punk since 1977 but always had very little information on all these exciting new bands: dutch media reported on the Sex Pistols or the Stranglers and that was it basically. In 1980 our radioTV-magazine had a piece on 2 bands from northern ireland: The Undertones and Stiff Little Fingers. In the article the emphasis was on the difference between both bands: we all know these. I got interested in the Undertones and I was quite lucky that my mother gave me some money for good schoolresults, just enought to buy a LP. Also our local departmentstore sold the debut album which was another luck. Ever since playing the first tones of this album I was struck by it and 22 years on I still find a this a great album full of energy and youth. Teenage Kicks is an anthem to me: there is no book, no other song who can describe teenage frustration and angst as good as this song. And it is a great song: the energy blasts out of your loudspeaker, even today! The music of the Undertones is absolute great, if someone from an other planet will visit us and I am asked to tell him what popmusic is, I would let him listen to the first two Undertones-records: these LP's are full of great guitarsongs, full of energy,innocence and go about being young: the happy moments, the frustrating moments. This is popmusic in theory and as it should be! Later in 1980 I saw the Undertones for the very first time, it was a huge festival, 500,000 people attending and the Undertones made a great impression: they looked so normal, it was an amazing gig: the crowd was dancing so much, the ground of this park was actually shaking!!! I saw the Undertones on many other gigs and unlike many other bands from the punk/newwave era they were so accessible: you could always talk to them and they remain to look so normal, like kids next door, plus songs I could relate to! I remember a gig in 1983, it was a festival so I thought to be midday, when I arrived in Arnhem it turned out to be a latenight gig. There I was: alone on a huge square, my friend had wandered off with this girl he met. Soon after the Undertones arrived in a minibus and we talked all afternoon. They even took me backstage for a meal. Great guys! The Undertones made 4 Lp's: the 3rd and 4th were different: the 3rd is a classic with great and superb songs. the 4th is underrated as it is very good too in my opinion(listen to bye bye baby blue): the Undertones matured very quickly, so soon that most fans could not follow them, a shame. Now in 2002 they are back together, without Feargal but with Paul, great voice as well. If you want to know more about the Undertones go and watch the excellent film on the band made by Vinny Cunningham, this really shows why they were so good: because they did not know themselves how good they were. Great in a rock'n'roll world where there are too many bands who think they are good!

Top 5 : Family entertainment - My perfect cousin - Hard luck - You've got my number - More songs about chocolate & girls
...Super pêche + mélodie = un groupe culte. Un coup de Coeur pour la batterie hyper tonique. J'adore (et c'est peu de le dire) bien sûr les 2 premiers albums.

Top 5: Wrong way - Jump boys - You got my number - Joy land - Oh please. 
...been a fan of the Tones since way back the sound was just pure class and living in Northen Ireland back in the 70`s was not much fun but the Tones music took me away from all the crap that was happening on the street`s of Derry still as good or maybe even better now than then ok people talk soon see ya....

Top 6: Get over you - Mars Bars - Got to have you back - Hypnotised - Jump Boys - Hard luck
...Les 'TONES pour moi, c'est mes 17 ans, deux copains Patrick et Pierce, les filles et la Harp!
Son site: http://punkmodpop.free.fr/

Top 5: Jump Boys - Tearproof - Wednesday week - I gotta gotta - Soul seven

....Still the greatest band in the Universe, both live and on record. Their influences will be heard for centuries!

Pour en savoir plus sur Vinny cliquez ici!
Son site: http://www.northlandbroadcast.com

Top 5: Get over you - Jump Boys - Male model - There goes norman - Jimmy Jimmy

...LondonDerry n'est pas Londres, ça se voit et ça s'entend chez Les Undertones, un style inimité et deux premiers albums indispensables!

Site des Véros: http://bonisnix.free.fr/ (ils reprennent un morceau des 'Tones sur scène)

Top 5: Teenage Kicks - Smarter Than U - You've got my number - Luxury - Boys will be boys

....les 'Tones = des mélodies imparables et deux albums indispensables .... Derry Bootboys Rules ok!!!!!

Top 5: Family Entertainment - I Gotta Getta - You Got My Number - Tearproof - Bittersweet.
....The Undertones music lifts you when your feeling miserable, it just makes you smile and feel good.I love the power of punk but also a great melody, something to hum to yourself, the Undertones consistantly combined the two.Also just normal blokes, no image whatsoever.